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Screen Space is no longer operating

Screen Space operated from 2010-2016 at 30 Guildford Lane, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 3000. 

We acknowledge the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nations
as the traditional custodians of the land on which the gallery was situated.


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5-19 December, 2015


Benjamin Forster, Christopher LG Hill, Adelle Mills, Rebecca Ross
Jacqui Shelton, Giulio Squillacciotti, Yang ZhenZhong

Curated by Kyle Weise

Room Sheet
Review in The Age 19 December, 2015
Image: Yang ZhenZhong, Straight Line (2012) Single Channel HD Video 7'22". Video Still.
Courtesy the artist and ShanghART Gallery



5 - 21 November

Waiting for the Accident to Happen

Francis Alÿs, Meris Angioletti, Ivan Argote, Alice Cattaneo,
Brice Dellsperger, Clorinde Durand, Chiara Fumai, Rä di Martino, Adrian Paci
Curated by Antonella Croci

Exhibition Guide

Image Credit: Thomas Baile







18 - 27 September


Downstairs Gallery

Sam Smith
Slow Fragmentation

Presented by
Channels: The Australian Video Art Festival

Download Catalogue
Sam Smith, Slow Fragmentation (2015) video still
Courtesy the artist and 3+1 Arte Contemporânea, Lisbon, Portugal


Upstairs Gallery


Across 11 screens this exhibition brings together single-channel videos selected by ARIs from across Australia and New Zealand
Exhibition organised by Simone Hine and Kyle Weise

Exhibiting ARIs and Artists include:
Anastasia Booth from Boxcopy in Brisbane
Ted Whitaker from BRUCE in Dunedin, NZ
Deanna Dowling from Enjoy in Wellington, NZ
Jenna Pippett from FELTspace in Adelaide
Casey Ayres from MOANA in Perth
Peter Nelson from MOP in Sydney
Lauren McCartney from Paper Mountain in Perth
Karl Bayly from Pilot in Hamilton, NZ
Sonya Lacey from Rm in Auckland, NZ
Darryl Rogers from Sawtooth in Launceston
Jason Haggerty from The Walls in Gold Coast
Rafaela Pandolfini from Wellington St Projects in Sydney
Download Room Sheet

Presented as part of
Channels: The Australian Video Art Festival


Channels Festival has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts,
City of Melbourne 2015 Arts Grant Program and Creative Partnerships Australia through MATCH. 



20 August - 29 August

Downstairs Gallery

Hans Op de Beeck
Sea of Tranquility

Hans Op de Beeck - video still taken from the video work - Sea of Tranquillity - 2010
Full HD video transferred to Blu ray - 29 minutes 50 seconds
Courtesy the artist and Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York.

Read Review in The Age here


Small Screen

Jarrod Van Der Ryken
I hear no sound in your house


23 July - 15 August

Upstairs Gallery

Amie Siegel
Deathstar / Todesstern

Deathstar / Todesstern, 2006, 5-channel video installation from 16mm film
Courtesy the Artist and Simon Preston, New York


Downstairs Gallery

Victor Burgin
A Place to Read / Mirror Lake

A Place to Read, 2010, Digital Image Projection. Colour, silent, loop duration 10min29sec. (23 July - 1 August)
Mirror Lake, 2013. Digital Image Projection. Colour, silent, loop duration 14min37sec. (6 August - 15 August)
Courtesy the artist and Galerie Thomas Zander.


Small Screen 1

Edith Roux
Sous Silence


Small Screen 2

Where the Bears are Sleeping

23 July - 15 August





Thursday 23rd of July 2015

at Total House 170-190 Russell St Melbourne 3000

Presented as part of Nite Art 2015

Julia Weissenberg
Nothing to Retain


Default Collective



20 June - 11 July

Downstairs Gallery

Greg Penn
Green light leak

Across sculpture, audio and video, Greg Penn’s new installation Green light leak,
harnesses light and sound to create complex spaces of repetition and rhythm.
Deriving from diverse sources, from monitor calibrations to observations of brutalist architecture,
Green light leak
blurs the representational and the abstract, the everyday and the sublime.

Upstairs Gallery

Peter Alwast
Video Works

A selection of Peter Alwast's video work produced between 2007 and 2012 will be exhibited in the upstairs gallery.
This will include the Melbourne Premiere of Everything, for which Alwast was awarded
the inaugural Premier of Queensland New Media Award. All of the works consider the relationship
between the virtual and the physical, and the translations between painting and digital practices.
Peter Alwast is represented by Gallery 9, Sydney.

Small Screen 1

Lara Thoms and Kate Blackmore
Screen Monument

Screen Monument (2013) is a collaboration between Kate Blackmore and Lara Thoms. The work was initially produced
as part of Thoms’s larger project: Ultimate Vision: Monuments to Us C3West project, commissioned in 2013 by
the Museum of Contemporary Art. Screen Monument, a video work made as part of this project, addresses
the disorientating aspect of shopping centre architecture and the complex interactions of youths
within this highly regulated space. Just as the adolescents portrayed in the work are between
childhood and adulthood, so the architecture occupies a liminal place, between public and private,
ruled by commercial interests, yet also, potentially, the modern agora.

Small Screen 2

Kawita Vatanajyankur
The Carrying Pole

Kawita Vatanajyankur's video performance experiments focus on the female body and everyday objects,
viscerally exploring the relationship of women to both daily domesticity and labour
and to their representation in art history. The Carrying Pole (2015) is part of a new series of
videos, 'Works', which continues this exploration. The Carrying Pole is the inaugural
exhibition in the new, second,'Small Screen', dedicated to single channel works,
located upstairs at Screen Space.
Kawita Vatanajyankur is represented by Stills Gallery, Sydney.




18 April - 23 May 2015

Downstairs Gallery

Simone Hine and Clare Rae

Download Catalogue
Exhibition Review, The Age 1 May 2015. Online and Print


Upstairs Gallery
Leigh-ann Pahapill

Leigh-Ann Pahapill
A Working Script in Shorthand

Download Catalogue


Small Screen

Julia Weissenberg

View Media Release




13 March - 28 March

Downstairs Gallery
Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison


Small Screen
Mikko Lautamo

Mikko Lautamo

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Hold 2010Kellie WellsTim Webster 2010Innerspace4x1 2011

Andy Thomson and Monique Redmond 2011Scott Morrison 2011Jessica Hood 2011Eloise CalandreHannah Raisin 2011

Tess E McKenzie 2011SquaretangleFabrice Bigot and Jane Burton 2011Isobel Knowles and Van Sowerwine 2011Catherine Clover 2011

Michael ValeJanine RandersonThreshold ProjectsChris RainierCarl Scrase

Alice BradshawChristopher Koller and Elizabeth PresaI'm With StupidChristopher HandranDawn Roe

Nina RossMichelle SakarisAdelle MillsGoing SouthAdelle Mills

Claire RobertsonCome a Little CloserJessie ScottConstructed LandscapesJoshua Bonnetta

Tristan JallehVolker KuchelmeisterHua KrathiMilitary VisionTara Cook

BoytownTania SmithMark ReidSarah CarneJacqui Shelton

Jessica HoodBenoit BillotteTransformerTransformersFinitude

Futile GestureKit WiseJohn GerrardEmile Zile

Megan CopeSupermassiveTim WoodwardPatricia PicicniniLeela Schauble

Nicolas MoulinStefan Riebel



Simone Hine: Today, Tomorrow Catalogue


Waiting for the Accident to Happen Catalogue


Sam Smith: Slow Fragmentation Catalogue



Stages Catalogue


Leigh-Ann Pahapill

Leigh-Ann Pahapill: Working Script in Shorthand Catalogue



Render Catalogue


Exercise Djibouti (2012)

John Gerrard | Exercise (Djibouti) 2012
Contributors: James Der Derian, Timothy Holland, Baden Pailthorpe, Simone Hine
Download pdf here

For further information about the print edition please email the gallery.


La Vitesse et la Pierre

Igor Zimmerman | Frode & Marcus: La Vitesse et La Pierre Catalogue


Kit Wise

Kit Wise: Arcadia Catalogue


Candice Cranmer

Candice Cranmer: Futile Gesture No.10 Catalogue



Embodiedmedia: Finitude Catalogue



Benjamin Ducroz and Ms&Mr: Transformer Catalogue


Jessica Hood

Jessica Hood: Equinox Catalogue


Jacqui Shelton

Jacqui Shelton: Framing everyday negotiations: never confuse movement with action Catalogue


Mark Reid
Mark Reid: Lomond Catalogue


Tania Smith
Tania Smith: Untitled #1 Catalogue



Boytown Catalogue


Military vision

Military Vision Full 60pp Catalogue
Contributors: Jordan Crandall, Adrian Martin, Baden Pailthorpe, Kyle Weise
Download pdf here
For further information about the print edition please email the gallery.
Military Vision 6pp Room Brochure


Hua Krathi

Hua Krathi Catalogue


Hannah Raisin

Going Nowhere Catalogue
Published for an exhibition at Boxcopy (Brisbane)


Jessie Scott

Jessie Scott: Death Watch Catalogue


Claire Robertson

Claire Robertson: Emotional Landscape Series Catalogue


Michelle Sakaris

Michelle Sakaris: Monument to the 8 Hour Day Catalogue



Dawn Roe: Goldfields catalogue


Christopher Koller and Elizabeth Presa

Christopher Koller and Elizabeth Presa: Screen Test 508 Catalogue


Janine Randerson

Janine Randerson: Albedo of Clouds and Neighbourhood Air catalogue


Michael Vale

Michael Vale: (Untitled) Green catalogue
Catherine Clover: birdbrain catalogue
It's a jungle in here
Isobel Knowles and Van Sowerwine: It's a jungle in here Catalogue
Imitation of Life
Fabrice Bigot and Jane Burton: Imitation of Life Catalogue
Get Together
Tess E McKenzie: Get Together Catalogue
Jessica Hood
Jessica Hood: Still Turning Catalogue
Framed Catalogue
Published as part of an exchange program with Level ARI
4x1 catalogue
Hold catalogue



info [at] screenspace [dot] com

PO Box 664 North Melbourne VIC 3051

Former Address:
30 Guildford Lane Melbourne VIC 3000



About Screen Space

Screen Space is a not-for-profit independent gallery located in Melbourne that opened in 2010. As the name suggests, the gallery is dedicated to the exhibition of art that uses screen-based technology or incorporates the projected or moving image, or work in any media that engages directly with screen culture. Screen Space has developed its artistic programming, architectural space and organisational structure in order to meet this specific curatorial goal. The gallery has always been rent-free and does not charge for use of the space by artists or curators.

While our permanently installed ‘Small Screen’ monitors allow for a continuous program of single channel works, the gallery is not a screening room, nor a ‘black box’, and our main spaces are particularly focused on installation, multi-channel and works that extend screen-based practice in innovative ways. Having expanded in 2014 to a second gallery space, we now occupy an entire 19th century warehouse in one of Melbourne’s iconic CBD laneways.

The gallery aims to combine local and international, established and emerging artists at the forefront of moving image practice. Previous exhibitions have included Scott Morrison, John Gerrard, Grant Stevens, Megan Cope, Patricia Piccinini, Jordan Crandall, Peter Alwast, Isobel Knowles and Van Sowerwine, Victor Burgin, Amie Siegel, Kelly Richardson, Squaretangle and Nicolas Moulin, among many others.

Screen Space also continues to pursue partnerships with other not-for-profit galleries and organisations, and in the past has collaborated with the Melbourne Festival, Next Wave, Swinburne University, Level ARI, The Australian Thai Artist Interchange, Boxcopy, Channels: Australian Video Art Festival, and Careof (Milan), among others.

The gallery regularly publishes catalogues, and critical discourse is crucial to the space. All catalogues are available in print form or free pdf.

The gallery is co-directed by founders Simone Hine, an artist, and Kyle Weise, a writer.



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30 Guildford Lane Melbourne 3000